Bathroom Faucets: High-End Brands You Should Check Out

Most homeowners know that bathroom faucets, or faucets, in general, are among the most problematic fixtures in a house, along with lightbulbs and doorknobs. After all, they\’re prone to numerous issues.

For one, a faucet may break or snap, and you’ll no longer be able to turn the knob. If you can, the faucet would either be leaky or generate no water at all. These issues are not because of plumbing problems, either. For the most part, these issues present themselves because the bathroom faucet itself is cheap.

That’s why many homeowners would rather buy high-end bathroom faucets than make do with low-quality ones. With that in mind, here are five of the best bathroom faucets high-end brands on the market.

1. American Standard | All-Rounded

American Standard is a manufacturing company that specializes in plumbing fixtures, and of course, that includes bathroom faucets. The selling point of their faucets is usability and functionality.

True enough, if you buy one of their faucets, you’ll find that they almost always have functionality options like an adjustable setting on the temperature of the hot water it produces. Other than that, there’s not much to say about faucets from this brand, aside from that it’s decent in pretty much every aspect.

American Standard bathroom faucets aren’t the best on the market, aesthetic-wise, but they should still fit in most bathroom designs.

2. Delta | Most Functional

Similar to American Standard, the selling point of Delta’s bathroom faucets is functionality. They offer features like Single-Hand Touch for easier usage and LED lights that indicate water temperature.

Imagine a faucet-compatible feature, and Delta probably offers it already.

However, one issue with Delta is that their faucets, or at least some of their models, may come across problems like leaking. Consumers are also not fond of some of their models containing plastic parts.

Put simply, Delta is the best bathroom faucets’ high-end brand in terms of functionality, but other than that, their products are subpar in other regards. That’s particularly true for its durability.

3. Elkay | Most Durable

Elkay is arguably the best brand for bathroom fixtures if you want your faucet to last for a long time.

Unlike American Standard or Delta, you won’t always find a functionality option on their faucets, but that’s because their selling point is not functionality but rather durability. And their products are indeed durable.

Part of it is because they manufacture faucets with stainless steel or brass, two of the best materials for this kind of product. Perhaps the only downside is their faucets are more expensive than alternatives.

4. Grohe | Most Diverse

Grohe is perhaps the most high-end among these high-end brands. Its price is much higher than other luxury faucets, and the repairs can cost quite a lot, too.

But if you can look past that, you’ll come to appreciate the utter diversity that the brand offers. There are many designs and models to choose from, much more than other brands.

5. Pfister | Most Elegant Designs

Pfister is the perfect bathroom faucets high-end brand if you\’re the type who just wants a simple faucet without any advanced technology attached to it. Pfister might be lacking in terms of functionality, but it makes up for that with aesthetics. The designs of their faucets are often stunning and nice to look at.

As such, you’ll find that it’s a particularly popular option for homeowners who are more of an interior designer rather than a techie. Their products are more affordable than most of its alternatives as well.

Wrapping Up

Not everyone can afford a high-end kitchen or a high-end living room, but that’s not to say all luxurious products would be out of your reach. That’s particularly true for fixtures like faucets, for example, as they are inherently affordable. Besides, most of the bathroom faucets high-end brands you’ll find today offer affordable options as well, so you can be luxurious without exhausting your budget.

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