Rita’s projects are a showcase of modern, sophisticated, and elegant designs with French influence. From luxury residential buildings, private residences to hospitality projects, her design team brings a variety of perspectives and insight into the texture, composition, color, mood, context and history of the space to be imagined. Every design is supported through deep research and thoughtful assessment of the client, the environment and their singular aesthetic. Originality and creativity are sine qua non. As such, Rita uses her imagination with elegance and refinement to mark projects with her signature style. To Rita, natural light is an essential source of inspiration for the completion of a project: “A ray of light breathes in life… I am invested in providing a space filled with light that penetrates every inch of space and reflects across a kaleidoscope of shadows. It is an invaluable aspect of interior design and literally illuminates the beauty of the product”. As a designer, Rita Chraibi is gifted with boundless imagination and above all, the capacity to bring her vision into reality: “I believe this is a career where you must sometimes isolate yourself in order to let your creativity take control”.


Rita Chraibi found her passion for architecture and interior design at an early age. The granddaughter of one of Morocco’s pioneering businesswomen in real estate development in the 1950s, she followed in her grandmother’s footsteps. She graduated from Ecole Camondo in Paris, one of the leading schools of design and architecture. She then launched her firm, International Designers, where she has designed luxury residential and hospitality projects in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the United States. With offices in Casablanca and now Miami, she parlays her European design expertise and French influence of “art de vivre” into her US projects.Pillars of Rita’s design process are diligence and attention to detail; lessons she learned from her grandmother. For each project Rita undertakes, she places vital importance in the creative process, extracting each space’s natural potential. Just as a painter starts with a blank canvas, Rita imagines and creates a new universe; each one unique and innovative. Her projects must tell a new story, repetition and routine designs are not an option. Rita challenges herself to be creative and defy limitations she may have in order to always strive toward excellence.