Marble Doors For A Luxury Look At Home

Published on January 3rd 2023 – Author Krizzia Paolyn

Although it may not be immediately noticeable, marble is one of the most versatile stone materials used in luxury homes. Most people are only familiar with marble because of its striking appearance and association with luxurious living. However, marble\’s versatility in an application is remarkable. Consider the variety of ways in which marble can be utilized. Marble is most often associated with floors and bathroom countertops, but now we\’ll talk about marble doors as it is the next level.

Marble Door Overview

The use of marble in construction has long been linked to the history of the Greek and Roman empires. Today, however, the considerable use of steel, cement, and glass inspires the need for refinement and detail. As a result, marble is having a comeback in somewhat different ways than it did before.

There are numerous creative methods to incorporate marble into your home to enhance the luxury of the environment. And regardless of whether you want modern, traditional, or something in between, choosing marble for your doors is a timeless choice.

While some may be concerned that marble door designs may be limited, your selections are quite broad. In addition, a door made of marble must have a pivot hinge that can support its weight. Moreover, the door must move with complete control and smoothness. Below, we will cover the main properties of marble and how you may utilize this material effectively in interior design.

Types of Marble Door Finish

This stone is an unusual yet highly luxurious way to access different rooms in your home, from the front door to the kitchen. A marble door is as much a work of art as it is a necessary part of your home\’s design. Add a door made of marble to your home for an even more luxurious appeal and to create a true conversation starter.

1. Chiseled Finish

Chiseled marble has deep, uneven, varying grooves, evoking the rough finish of ancient marble constructions. Even though marble is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, it adds a beautiful touch when partnered with ethnic accents; this finish is commonly found in Indian monuments, particularly Mughal architecture.

2. Flamed Finish

The flamed marble appearance can be achieved by temporarily exposing the marble to strong heat. The process creates a curled surface with soft mounds and depressions, which is both aesthetically appealing and functionally anti-slip and can be used indoors and outdoors.

3. Honed Finish

Using abrasives to polish the marble produces a honed finish with a smooth surface. Honing can be used to refine a stone\’s surface or to repair damage. Honed marble is less prone to scratches, making it suitable indoors and outdoors.

4. Tumbled Finish

Tumbled finish marble features a buffed as opposed to a polished appearance. Marble doors, for instance, are tumbled in a container containing abrasives, giving in a smooth yet weathered and distressed finish. Moreover, As shown in this bathroom\’s flooring, tumbled marble can be paired with honed marble for added depth.

5. Bush Hammered Finish

This finish is achieved by pounding the stone\’s surface with a bush hammer to create a rugged appearance. One can produce a finer or coarser finish of consistent pitting with a depth of 1 to 3 millimeters, depending on the intensity of the blow.

6. Polished Finish

Lustrous polished marble is the most common finish when it comes to this stone material. The main entrance, as well as other highly visible areas, can benefit from its sophisticated, high-end appeal. Additionally, when used as a door, regular polishing can remove fine scuffs and scratches.

7. Sandblasted Finish

As the name suggests, this marble finish is done by blasting small particles of either silicon or corundum toward the stone surface. Sandblasting causes the marble to corrode, giving it a more textured appearance, similar to the method of bush hammering finish but less rugged. Sandblasted marble door is best suited for locations such as the pool or garden entrance.

Cool and Luxurious

This stone material is an unexpected yet incredibly luxurious option to open up various places in your home, from the front door to the marble kitchen door; it also helps to cool an area due to its cooling properties. A marble door is as much a work of art as it is a functional component of your home\’s design.

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