2000 Ocean

Rita Chraibi’s vision for 2000 Ocean draws inspiration from the most compelling and evocative supreme entities of life: nature and the sensuality of womanhood. This contemporary, 40-story glasser tower showcases panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway and surrounding endless sandy beaches.2000 Ocean project designed by Enrique Norten – Ten Aquitectos allow Rita Chraibi to designed 2000 Ocean’s interiors with the goal of connecting indoor and outdoor spaces in the spirit of timeless elegance and sophistication. Rita’s interior designs come alive and bloom with a depth of soul to harmonize with the magic of the natural world outside. Rita Chraibi’s interior designs for 2000 Ocean draw parallels between the various clean and perfect lines of Minotti furniture and the remarkable shapes and formations that await to be discovered from its ocean views. The powerful artistic beauty of her interior designs is a result of diversity and variety—which is also what makes nature and femininity so alluring and captivating.

Proudly positioned on the beach and closer to the ocean than any of its neighbors, it is bathed with sunlight from sunrise to sunset.64 families will have the privilege to call 2000 Ocean, a property that signifies prestige and quality, their home.Adding the beauty and opulence to the Atlantic coastline, there is truly nothing esle like it.

« My interiors for 2000 Ocean tell a unique story of the reincarnation of Mother Nature through women’s sensuality”—Rita Chraibi, International Designers

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