« International Designers » is an interior design firm, created by the famous designer Rita Chraibi and based in Miami, Florida and Casablanca, Morocco. Rita Chraibi is a French interior designer with several successful projects in Europe, in the United States, the Middle East and North Africa. Her cultured designs, style and elegance makes her interior design company in Miami « International Designers », a paragon of luxury interior design.

She always start her process by envisioning the potential instead of the limitations. For every interior design services, she begins in the same way : as a blank canvas that she gets to fill with imagination. She places particular focus on the people that will one day inhabit this space and the various ways she can improve upon their lifestyle.

Rita believes that an easy access to outside light can have more impact than the actual home interior. Natural light literally revitalizes whatever it touches and is an essential aspect of any space she designs. Often, while working on a project, Rita will take hours and by the time she leafind her inspiration.

She is inviegorated and filled with new concept and everytimes looking for a unique interior design. Her company international designers » located in florida design luxury interiors. She will often wake up at night and suddenly find a revelation that she must immediately act upon and will stay fixated upon until completed.Inspiration can come from anywhere, but it is always where everything starts and, to Rita, the most exciting part of her job.

« This is a career where it is paramount to have boundless imagination and more importantly, the courage to act upon it. Anyone can have an outrageous idea.» The fortitude to bring that vision into the world is what makes Rita one of the best interior designers!

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