Casablanca Office

Casablanca’s office is strategically located in the heart of Morocco’s biggest city, where Rita designs and creates her signature lines of furniture and decorative materials in her Moroccan factories. Because of Casablanca’s proximity to Europe, Rita can conveniently import the highest quality luxury brand items, such as Missoni, Pierre Frey, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Lelièvre, and more. Her specialized fabrics are used to make custom handmade furniture to elevate her interior design projects.

Address : 26 Mers Sultan Av 7th Floor Casablanca – Morocco

Call us now: +212 (0) 522 20 58 01

Design & Manufacturing

Morocco is a remarkable country for design manufacturing. The artisans of this country are widely recognized for their great attention to quality and detail in their spectacularly handmade goods. Many great creators and fashion icons, like Yves Saint Laurent, have found inspiration in Morocco. His house in Marrakech was a source of artistic fuel for his luxury fashion designs that are so well-loved and admired. Rita believes an interior designer is much like a fashion designer in that one can plan for and imagine superior outcomes, but it is through the contributions of the finest artisans that creations can indeed materialize into reality.