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AD PRO magazine featuring Rita Chraibi’s Project in New York

Rita Chraibi has been featured in the prestigious interior design magazine AD PRO as one of the top  designers in New York. Her design vision is reflected in her work, and she takes pride in creating beautiful spaces that capture the vibrancy of her signature style. Her unparalleled expertise and innovative approach to designing unique projects in Manhattan, particularly on Billionaire’s Row, showcase her French cultural design and make her one of the top interior designers in New York.

Luxury Interior Design

“When Interior Design Becomes an Art”

Award-Winner NYC Interior Designer Rita Chraibi

Rita Chraibi is well known for her luxury interior design projects and believes in creating masterpieces that are works of art. She selects the finest materials for her projects and pays meticulous attention to every detail. Her design has a sense of grandeur and is exclusive, ensuring that every aspect of her creativity is carefully considered to provide unique projects. Her European cultural background is reflected in her design style, characterized by a set of fundamental elements and skills defining the essence of her luxury interior design projects.

luxury interior designer new york

Rita Chraibi’s Collaboration with Architects

Rita Chraibi collaborates closely with each project’s architect to ensure its success, whether she is designing a new construction or a complete renovation. She is convinced that architecture and interior design are two separate fields that are deeply connected. 

Architecture and interior design are intricately linked. They must rely on each other's expertise and specialized knowledge to create a masterpiece both from the inside and the outside.

High-End Customized Interior Design Projects

Rita Chraibi collaborates with top-quality European manufacturers in the design industry to produce outstanding interiors with exquisite millwork and other design finishes. These manufacturers are committed to preserving the authenticity of their custom designs. Working with the best craftsmanship is crucial to Rita Chraibi’s design process to highlight her luxury interior design. She meticulously selects high-end manufacturers to create a personalized and tailored project that is truly unique. Her team of international designers pays careful attention to every detail and combines various textures, such as polished surfaces and high-end finishes, to achieve the desired effect.

NYC Interior Design projects

Rita Chraibi has designed multiple projects in New York and has been featured several times in the press, especially for her project at the Louis Vuitton Residence. She was selected by the luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton in collaboration with the developer JDS Development Group to design the residence at 111 West 57th Street in New York, also known as The Steinway Tower.

Rita’s design is unique and widely recognized as a masterpiece.

Louis Vuitton Residence Steinway Tower, Manhattan, NYC
Rita Chraibi's philosophy

About Luxury Interior Design

I Don’t Create Luxurious Interiors; I Create Elegant Interiors. For Luxury, You Only Need Money; For Elegance, You Need Education.

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