Anna Kossik


Miami Office

Anna Kossik is the Chief Executive Officer of International Designers by Rita in our Miami office. She is a talented interior designer with a dual culture as a Russian and Canadian citizen, with a high level of knowledge in engineering background as well. Anna graduated from Moscow State University in Russia with a Master’s in interior design. She leads the Miami interior design team with 15 years of combined practice and operational leadership experience in interior design and engineering. She is an excellent leader and manages Rita’s projects in Miami with talent and excellence, paying the utmost attention to projects and to their follow-up with the team of designers she works with.


Thanks to her management skills and the solid relationship that she developed with our client’s firms over the years.

Anna and Rita share the same vision and creativity, allowing them to design the most outstanding projects in Miami.

Address : 1900 N Bayshore Drive Miami, Florida 33132

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