Ghita Fahmi


New York Office

Ghita Fahmi is the Chief Executive Officer in our New York office; she is a talented Senior Interior Designer with a dual culture, both as a Moroccan and American citizen. Rita Chraibi, being herself of Moroccan and French origin, wanted a leader who would bring the same heritage from her Moroccan heritage and, at the same time, her experience and culture from the United States. Ghita started her career as an interior designer after graduating from the best design school in the NY Institute of Art and Design.


They share the same vision, sensitivity, and creativity for Design beyond their origins. Ghita joined International Designers by Rita to manage the NYC office thanks to her high level of knowledge and experience in skills. Her talent in interior design allowed her to access and be the COO by assisting Rita on all her projects in New York and managing the designer team with a solid understanding and ability to control the New York office. She has excellent interpersonal communication skills with the ability to build positive and impactful working relationships with our New York clientele.

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