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International Designers are fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of design manufacturers in the areas of custom furniture, doors, tiles, lighting, candlesticks, and curtains. Rita and her team of interior designers are, therefore, in a unique position to offer their clients the highest quality goods across multiple sectors to fit any taste and style.

Fondatrice Rita Chraibi


Rita Chraibi uses high-quality fabrics and materials to design stunning pieces of furniture for Textil’Art Furniture Factory. Her attention to such details as hand-made stitching and textile features ensures each piece bears the mark of artisanal craftsmanship.

Fondatrice Rita Chraibi


Rita Chraibi’s talents extend over to the design of custom-made doors that are harmony with architectural elements. International Designers understand that doors are more than just a way to enter and exit a room; they can be incorporated into a design plan to fit the overall vision for functional beauty.

Fondatrice Rita Chraibi


International Designers selects the finest Moroccan handmade tiles to complement a room by adding splashes of colors and patterns. Our design team incorporates the dazzling tile styles of Zellije to spice up backspashes, hallways, feature walls, and even floors.

Fondatrice Rita Chraibi


Illuminating a room through lighting is one of the most crucial interior design considerations. Rita Chraibi chooses traditional Moroccan hand-made suspensions and floor lamps that not only emit a glow in all the right places, but are also serve as works of art, featuring stunning stained glass, brass, and iron metalwork.

Fondatrice Rita Chraibi


International Designers understand the importance of adding delightful sensory experiences into their design plans that invoke more than just the sense of sight. Rita Chraibi’s interior designers position handcrafted scented candles to establish a pleasant and welcoming environment centered on wellness.

Fondatrice Rita Chraibi


Curtain and shades can do more than manipulate how much natural light enters a room; such pieces can also be a luxurious addition to accent and complete an interior. International Designers work with manufacturing companies in Morocco that produce splendid linen shades and drapery using the highest-quality European fabrics and silk-stitching patterns.

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