One of the most important ways to enhance a room through interior design is by way of lighting. To the untrained eye, the power of light may be overlooked, but to Rita Chraibi and her team of professional interior designers they understand that lighting can be one of the best ways to create a mood, change perception and feeling of a place, and accentuate the uniqueness of a space. Apart from just making a room look amazing, the right lighting can also make the people using the room feel comfortable and feel great.

Lighting doesn’t just make a space more stunning and transformative in terms of aesthetics; it is also a practical feature that needs to be well-thought-out. The right lighting allows the eye to travel around a space and take in information. It’s a valuable element for helping people to travel around a space with ease as they find their way between different points and areas. Therefore, lighting is not only to beautify and accentuate; it is also informative. International Designers explore all options when it comes to light choices. Without fail, they always make the best decisions as to where the lighting should be placed to serve their clients best—whether they seek to emphasize architectural lighting, bring in elegant light fixtures, or open up a room to let in more sun. They understand how to use light to raise a ceiling, make a sliver of a room appear larger, and even emphasize and complement the architecture.

When it comes to choices with lighting, interior design options in Miami affords clients the ability to bask in the glow of natural sunshine. Rita and her team find beautifully creative ways to let in as much natural sunlight as possible into their projects. Natural lighting is the most lovely and pure way to enhance the interiors of a place. Rita has said that people are “looking for a connection to the natural,” and there is nothing more astonishing than to enter into a room organically glowing with the sun’s illumination. Rita has designed the interiors for many of the houses that make up South Beach Miami real estate, and she paints with the palette of the shining sun by opening up spaces to let in as much natural light as possible. She is also very conscious about the materials used on shades and drapes as certain possibilities will maximize the amount of light within a space, like draping sheer and gauzy curtains over windows to let in sunlight in a gentle way that isn’t overbearing. Rita’s interior design plans are so thorough that when she is thinking through and conceptualizing a lighting scheme, she notes a space’s orientation, angle, and the amount of sun a room will receive depending upon the time of day. Such attention to lighting detail is paramount when deciding on other aspects, like how colors and textures in space will look in the morning versus when the sun sets in the evening.

While natural light is best, artificial lighting is necessary and can serve many purposes. Apart from brightening up a space, light fixtures can be used to spotlight artwork or become works of art themselves. Rita works with the finest artisans in Morocco who design elegant light fixtures to make spaces unique and spice things up. Living room décor ideas might involve a light fixture that showcases an array of vibrant colors, stone or glass handiwork, and sturdy brass and metal materials. International Designers have extensive experience walking their clients through the countless options for light fixtures in order to find the ones that are perfectly compatible for any environment. Additionally, Rita’s connections and collaborations with world-renowned international artisans, brands, and companies, allow clients to choose from the very best unique, custom, and handmade options available to suit all tastes and styles.

No matter what style a client wishes to incorporate, Rita knows the perfect way to bring in the light. To complement South Beach architecture and the tropical paradise that many of Rita’s clients live in, she can renew and revitalize a space to give her clients the feel of living on their private island. She does this by not only maximizing natural sunlight but also choosing colors that will dance along in a melody to the radiance she brings out in her projects. If a client is looking to increase a feeling of warmth and coziness in their spaces, Rita has much to offer her clients—perhaps a space would best be served with a different lightbulb or lampshade, or incorporating a dimming option into the light features would help achieve this goal. Even something as simple as the ambient glow from a candle can add the perfect touch while promoting a sense of warmth to a modern house interior. Candles are widely used in Europe and French-style decor and offer a way to make a room tastefully elegant. International Designers know no limitations when it comes to creative ways to problem-solve.

The possibilities for lighting are endless and can be tailored to optimize any part of a home or building. Lighting can be used to improve the bathroom interior design, highlight certain aspects of contemporary décor, warm up a minimalist interior design, or even accentuate a smaller space like a closet. International Designers understand that because lighting is one of the most critical things in a space, a bit of experimentation is needed to find the perfect blend of natural and artificial light. Rita and her designers bring out the magic of a space by meticulously choosing lighting that will be an ideal fit to ensure all spaces reach their potential, and most importantly, make the people using the spaces feel amazing. The search for the perfect lighting may even bring out your own inner interior design designer as you collaborate with the professionals at International Designers to make your spaces come alive and enter into places that glow with elegance and spirit.

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