Best L-Shaped Kitchen With Island Design Ideas For Your Home

Published on January 3rd 2023 – Author Krizzia Paolyn

Any kitchen, regardless of size, can benefit from the ergonomic design of an L-shaped kitchen, which optimizes storage space, improves the work triangle, and reduce traffic. Meanwhile, a kitchen island is a must in today\’s modern homes. A kitchen island provides storage, a work area, seats, and space for kitchen appliances.

L-Shaped Kitchen With Island Overview

The L-shaped kitchen layout is a kitchen design in which kitchen cabinets line two walls of the room. This layout is suitable for rectangular or square spaces, and the lengths of the sides can be equal or uneven. Because the oven and sink are two of the most often used kitchen fixtures, placing them in the center is typically ideal.

If your L-shaped kitchen is large enough, a kitchen island can be a great addition that offers several benefits. There are numerous ways to accommodate it in your kitchen, including:

  • Center: For larger kitchens, the island can be situated in the center of the room; this is the most common choice for most homes.
  • Edges: L-shaped cabinets typically line two kitchen walls. However, adding a kitchen island can transform an L-shaped space into a P- or G-shaped arrangement that is ideal for any family.

Best Design Ideas for L-Shaped Kitchen With Island

There are numerous options available when selecting the ideal L-shaped kitchen with island for you. Style, space, and function must all be considered when planning a kitchen design. Our kitchen island ideas guide can help you set priorities and decide which features are most vital for you and your household.

You may be interested in hosting relatives and friends or getting much-needed counter space. No matter your L-shaped kitchen with island design preference, you\’re sure to find a layout that works for your home.

White Cabinets, Warm Wood Countertops, and Black Hardware

This kitchen features rustic white cabinets, warm undertone wood countertops, black hardware, and a stainless steel refrigerator. The walls and ceiling match the color of the cabinets, and a floating wooden shelf is added from the top above the white kitchen island with a wood countertop.

On the wood-themed floor are tall wooden stools with a hue of wood and white. In addition, place a white carpet on the floor for added contrast.

Stainless Steel and White Paint

Elements of white and stainless steel in the kitchen give a stylish appearance and a tidy ambiance. Both the island and cabinetry will be painted white, and their respective counters will be marble. Add a stool of a dark hue to the island to complement the all-white design.

Incorporate a dining table to indicate that, despite the stool, the island is not for eating. Instead, it provides an additional area for preparing meals.

Dark Wood, Granite Countertop, and Stainless Steel

The white walls provide the ideal canvas for the mix of light and dark wood. The top and bottom cabinets, as well as the island, are to be made in dark-toned timber with gray granite countertops.

The stainless steel hardware pair perfectly with the wood accent. The countertop must overhang from the island to indicate that it can serve as a dining table and to have enough legroom for seating.

Aesthetic and Functionality

An L-shaped layout is designed to maximize the kitchen\’s functionality, whether for meal preparation, cleanup, storage, or overall work; thankfully, there are numerous ways to express creativity in an L-shaped kitchen with an island. In addition to having selections for countertops and flooring materials, you can also experiment with different paint, backsplash, and cabinet designs.

White kitchen cabinets and white marble countertops provide a lovely modern farmhouse appearance. Try the best L-shaped kitchen with island design ideas for your home provided above, or try mixing other colors and elements like black lower cabinets with white upper cabinets and stainless countertops to create a style that is uniquely yours.

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