Living Room Size

Living Room Size: The Average Dimensions and Tips to Make It Look Larger

The living room, a multifunctional space crucial to every home, serves various purposes from socializing with family and friends, entertaining guests, to unwinding in solitude. Its versatility extends to being a lounge, a playroom, or even an extra sleeping area for overnight guests. Understanding the average living room size can help you maximize this space’s potential, ensuring it meets all your needs efficiently.

Remodeling your home showcases your individuality and brings the place to life. However, making the most of your living space isn\’t always simple because not every living room is made equal.

Average Living Room Size: Largest to Smallest

Living room sizes vary, depending on the overall size of a home. The smallest size for a living room is about 7×10 ft., and this is the smallest acceptable when it comes to the dimensions of a living room. The standard size of a living room and how to make yours appear larger are concerns that every homeowner faces.

Large Size Living Room

You can consider yourself fortunate if your living room is more than 300 square feet in size. The average size of a large living room is 15 x 20 ft. If this is the case, it is possible to move the sofas further away from the walls and create an additional furniture grouping.

Adding more furniture or seating, such as a gaming table or writing desk, to a large living room is better than adding distance between the seats and making the conversation area unnecessarily large.

Medium Size Living Room

A 12 x 18 ft. living room would fit between 6 to 10 people and is a rather standard size living room; this is when it starts to look like an average living room size.

Medium-sized living rooms are suitable for 3-seater sofas, but a seating arrangement for ten would require using all the living room’s four walls.

Small and Tiny Size Living Room

A small-sized living room is about 10 x 13 ft., and a 2-seater sofa together with two chairs could fit four to five people.

On the other hand, a 7 x 10 ft. space can fit a tiny living room. This space is very small but can fit a small two-seater sofa on one side.

Living Room Size
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Living Room Tips to Look Larger

If you want to make more space in your living room, these tips can help:

1. Add Mirrors and Proper Furniture Positioning

By reflecting light and doubling the space within the living room, mirrors can provide the illusion of extra floor space. The bigger the mirror\’s size, the better.

A living room can have more space by properly positioning and choosing furniture.

2. Pick the Right Sofa

Using specific fabric or color choices and keeping in mind the design of your sofa can give the illusion of additional space in the living room. Further, sticking to the same shades will make the room appear larger and unified.

Darker tones are luxurious, but with large corner sofas, lighter colors reflect light and make the area feel bigger. In addition, slim-base sofas with taller legs allow light to pass underneath. 

3. Paint Using One Color

Painting the walls, ceiling, and skirting the same color creates the illusion of space by keeping the eye from being led to the room\’s corners.

Choose light colors when designing a living room, as lighter hues tend to enlarge small spaces, particularly in rooms with little natural light.

Maximize Everything

Your floor area may restrict you from arranging your furniture, but if you maximize everything, you can still produce a roomy living area. When you’re putting your furniture, place them correctly, use mirrors and proper lighting, and try to create a comfortable living room.

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