The 5 Best Ceiling Design Ideas You Should Consider

Published on February 22nd, 2023 – Author Lenard Arceo

The ceiling is usually not the first thing visitors would look at upon entering a person’s house – it’s either the floor or the wall, but rarely the ceiling. If anything, the ceiling is often the last thing guests would scan, and sometimes, they wouldn’t even notice it at all. But that’s not to say the ceiling design is pointless.

It may not be what attracts the most attention in your interior design, but it’s part of the design nonetheless. If it is too bland or doesn’t fit the aesthetics you’re going for, it may ruin the entire design.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up five ceiling design ideas that we think would fit perfectly in most types of interior design.


As the name implies, this ceiling design is characterized by an incredibly high level of glossiness.

The idea behind it is to make the ceiling look so shiny that it would have an almost mirror-like appearance. And in doing so, you can make it seem like the room or house is higher than it actually is.

It’s particularly effective when the elements of the room, like the decor and floor, are light in color.

This ultra-glossy design requires the use of high-gloss paint, which is cheap and easy to get. In addition, high gloss paint is applicable to most materials, including wood, so this ceiling design is easily achievable.

Art and Graphics

Many homeowners have patterned ceilings. While that kind of design is often visually pleasing, it is by no means unique. If you want a more distinctive design, you can go for photos and graphics instead.

Basically, this design involves painting anything other than symmetric patterns on the ceiling.

For example, you can commission a professional to paint a picture of a tree on your ceiling.

You can also go all-in on the unique factor of the ceiling design by painting a picture of your pet. Anything except a typical pattern will do. This design is best at producing an immersive aesthetic in the room.


They may not be the most unique ceiling design, but metal ceiling tiles are one of the most eye-catching designs out there. Its attraction is mostly because not many people expect to see house components to be mostly, if not purely, metallic. So, metal ceiling tiles would often activate most people’s fascination.

One of the ceiling design ideas you want to consider is metal ceiling tiles, one of the most eye-catching designs.

Apart from its aesthetics, this design option also offers several practical benefits. For one, metal tiles are resistant to fire, moisture, and rot. They’re also long-lasting, so they’re not simply eye candy.

Brick and Stone

Brick and stone ceilings are a viable ceiling design for the same reason as metal ceilings—brick and stone aren’t materials you’d expect from a ceiling. They also feature interesting textures, which is what makes this design different from metal ceilings, apart from their durability and longevity, of course.

Decorative Beams

Ceilings don’t attract as much attention as other parts of the house, mainly because they tend to be quite bland. Though you can add patterns to the ceiling to make it less bland, that would only contribute to its aesthetics. Decorative beams are one way to improve not only the ceiling’s aesthetics but also the ambiance. They can draw the eye up and also make the room feel larger.

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