The bedroom serves as one of the most intimate places inside one’s home. It is here that we rest our heads for a night of rest, get ready for the day, relax, and even do work as many find themselves now working from home. When it comes to home designing, many people may think of starting in their bedrooms. It can be an obvious place for reflecting personal style and individuality. Rita Chraibi’s International Designers, comprised of some of the top interior designers in Miami, give some tips for creating the bedroom of your dreams that offers the pinnacle of comfort and style. With a bedroom makeover focused on design details, you can feel like you’re staying in a top luxury hotel.

One of the first things to consider is the mood or tone you wish to set in your bedroom interiors. Details, such as color and lighting, will work to support that feeling. To create a mood that reflects warm and cozy atmospheres, deep colors may be the way to go (chocolate browns, dark blues, and purples, dusky orange). Because many homes are now doubling as offices, you may want to keep the changing functionalities of your spaces in mind as you reinvent your bedroom interiors. Green symbolizes prosperity and may reduce anxiety, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms that double as home offices. You may wish to keep the majority of your walls a pure, crisp white for contemporary house design, but add in pops of color on an accent wall or through other pieces and details used in your interior decorating (pillows, rugs, artwork).

There are many themes, motifs, and styles you can incorporate into your bedroom interiors if you are a person who wants to spin a specific story within your interiors. Rita Chraibi has designed the interiors of many ultra-luxe homes in Miami, and one of the reasons clients are drawn to this part of the United States is for its pleasant climate and proximity to water. Knowing a client’s likes and goals for moving to a particular area can lend itself to discovering a theme, style, or motif that speaks to each unique person. For luxury waterfront homes, a coastal style can romantically play off the ocean’s magic by creating a relaxed and airy feel through a palette of blues and whites alongside natural textures and plenty of sunlight. Traditional homes will boast of a timeless European influence through antique furniture, vibrant colors, and opulent embellishments. While modern and contemporary styles are not interchangeable, there are some similarities and overlap. If you opt for either style, you can expect artistic and intentional use of clean, straight lines, neutral palette, and elimination of color. If you’re not passionate about one particular look, it is an exciting option to decorate your bedroom interiors in an eclectic style by drawing inspiration from many different sources.

Another consideration is the organization of your bedroom. You can choose to leave things open and airy or section places off for different functions and uses. For example, if space permits, sectioning off a sitting area may be an interior change appropriate for how you use your spaces. This area could be a small reading nook or a space with seating and a coffee table. By doing so, your room will feel more welcoming and give you options for relaxing (apart from the bed). If you’re an avid reader, find a bookshelf sized for your room to showcase your treasured books. Another area that can be created within a bedroom is a vanity station. By including an elegant vanity desk and accompanying stool, you will set yourself up with a beautiful and cozy place to get ready for the day. You can look for a vanity table that makes a statement, which can be done by choosing a rich and luxurious color (e.g., royal blue, emerald greens, etc.) or looking for one with visual interest (unique shape or accented knobs).

Additionally, if you don’t have a separate room for a study or home office, you may want to section off a part of your bedroom area to serve as a workspace. The increasing demand that people work from home has prompted many people to rethink their bedroom interiors and what their spaces say about them. Find functional furniture that fits your space and home style. If you don’t see what you are looking for, remember that furniture design can be custom made to suit you and how you will use your spaces.

Luxury elements should be highlighted in your bedroom if you want to highlight finer living. To give your bedroom the look and comfort of staying in a luxury hotel, don’t forget to pay special attention to your bed, as it will usually be the main focus of your bedroom. Investing in designer sheets and throw pillows are simple ways to take your bed (and entire bedroom) to the next level. The headboard of your bed can serve as another luxury detail and draw the eye to focus on this part of your bedroom. Luxury designer headboards are offered in a variety of quality fabrics and can make your bedroom feel more lavish and opulent by making a bold statement. The headboard might be the piece that will tie your whole bedroom look together, so make sure you think carefully about your options (though you can always change if it no longer suits you). Authentic oak furniture is a timeless way to incorporate a stylish luxury detail. Oak dressing tables and nightstands can contribute to a classic or rustic look and diversify materials and textures. Finding the perfect signature chair and chandelier will assist in recreating a 5-star hotel experience from inside your home.

Your bedroom should be your private sanctuary without skimping on elegance, beauty, and comfort. Most importantly, your bedroom should reflect your individuality and allow you to use your space with ease and flexibility. If you are unsure what will fit your needs, remember your interior designer is there to guide you!

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