Furniture is one of the most noticeable components of an interior design plan and an obvious way to draw attention to a signature look or style. Furniture assists us with so many daily functions: relaxing, socializing, eating, sleeping, entertaining, and more. No one understands the importance of furniture selection more than Rita Chraibi. As the United States ambassador for Roche Bobois, a highly renowned furniture brand, she chooses pieces that are exceptional, meet her client’s needs, and promote the flow of movement throughout a space. She also knows that choosing furniture is only part of the process; it’s also equally important to find the perfect arrangement of pieces to bring out the best in a room.

Rita approaches furniture design and the responsibility of finding the best way to furnish a home as an artist and curator. She searches for rare pieces, chooses luxury upholstery, and knows how her clients will use a particular space. Her process is highly individualized to her clients and their projects. Designing multifamily homes and condos in South Florida and New York may differ from how she develops and chooses furniture for mansions in Palm Beach; it comes down to space available and optimizing and enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Below you will find some crucial factors, elements, and variables Rita considers when deciding the best way to go about furnishing a space in the best way possible. No matter what type of space Rita is designing for, she always brings her passion and creativity to the table—especially when it comes to her interior design furnishings.

After assessing the space she will design, Rita will work with and understand her clients’ desires and expectations, including the look and style they wish to showcase in their home or building. She will then look into the appropriate scale of furniture for a space. Rita knows the delicate balance between ensuring a room seems put together and refined without appearing overwhelmed by furniture that’s too big or bulky (or even just by having too much furniture). Determining the appropriate size of pieces requires knowledge of the many options available on the market and thinking outside the box. By understanding the dimensions of a room, Rita scales furniture to match so that there is a pleasing balance between used space and empty space. Such harmony and balance are achieved by thinking through details such as the height and width of couches and chairs, the sizing of area rugs, how high a coffee table and chair backs should be, and even the size of the artwork displayed.

In terms of furniture arrangement, Rita will examine all the options for the most natural navigation. Homes, offices, and commercial spaces are most comfortable when they promote ease of movement. No one wants to climb over pieces of furniture when trying to get from point A to point B. There should be a nice flow that allows for the freedom to move around unfettered. All spaces are unique, and when deciding furniture for tricky or unusual areas, Rita comes up with a plan to address any potential challenges. This may involve innovative approaches that include modern concepts, like furniture that serves multiple purposes or can easily be moved or tucked away, if necessary.

Rita Chraibi continues to learn about and keep on top of how technology is changing the frontier of furniture design. As customers seek the newest pieces available on the market, technological advances are tapping people’s desire for ultimate comfort and sleek design. Rita has her finger on the pulse of how technology is adapting furniture to meet the needs of our modern lives in a fast-paced world. The furniture industry is transforming to keep up with the evolving nature of the digital world by offering products and designs, like table lights with docks for smartphones, “tablet tables,” and furniture options that integrate smart home technology and have the ability to hide unsightly wires and cords.

At the same time, Rita also understands that some clients are looking for a “simpler” way to enjoy their furniture. Some people want to break free or find more of a balance between technology and personal space, and may not see the appeal of the type of furniture mentioned above. Naturally, Rita has the best to offer her clients looking for something that takes them back to the basics. Born in Morocco, a country known for some of the most excellent handcrafted goods, Rita has exclusive access to some of the finest artisans across the globe. From handmade sofas to leatherwork on a headboard, quality pieces of furniture will last a lifetime and become staple pieces in a new design plan.

Rita is a master of keeping things interesting in her interior designs, as is evidenced in her furniture choices. She knows how alluring it is to diversify and mix and match furniture choices. She finds the perfect blend between colors, textures, and styles to ensure a room is enriched with authenticity and unique creations that have never been done before. One of the reasons her interior designs are one-of-a-kind is because she can find the perfect combination of things that may initially be considered unlikely. She knows that keeping everything the same (think: matching sets everywhere) can prove to be boring and underwhelming. Like an exceptional chef who can create the most tantalizing flavors with a base and small dashes of herbs and spices, Rita designs rooms that are flawlessly and artistically designed by coming up with a recipe that involves different and unique pieces.

Rita offers her clients furniture that will elicit joy and heighten a sense of comfort as they spend time in their uniquely designed spaces. She makes every effort to understand the core and dimensions of a room, help define and clarify clients’ goals for their spaces, and think through the high-end quality of interior design. Rita Chraibi never ceases to dazzle and delight through her furniture choices. Every piece contributes to the finished look of a room and ultimately serves as an important component in the client’s ability to live out their dream home ideas.

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