Haute couture brings about thoughts of perfectly designed clothing. The process involves an artistic approach that results in made-to-measure crafted wearable masterpieces. The words haute couture translates in English to high sewing, meaning high dressmaking. Haute couture is marked by artisans’ work demonstrating the most exceptional craftsmanship of made-by-hand garments and began in France by some of the most prestigious fashion houses. To wear haute couture is to enter into a high-end world of exclusive luxury and superior designs that are tailor-made for each client. Now haute couture is extending beyond clothing into the world of interior design. Rita Chraibi, the founder of International Designers, is masterfully designing haute couture spaces that allow clients to not only wear haute couture but actually live in it! Her interior designs come alive with the breath of fashion design, marking each space with an exclusive high-quality, top-end essence in the same way a couturier designs runway fashions for supermodels to wear down the runway.

It’s no surprise that fashion and interior design have a strong overlap and connection. Both share similar aesthetic concepts and offer an outlet for personal expression. Fashion and interior design can offer the most profound sense of satisfaction to those who go beyond blindly following the fleeting trends by adding their own personal touches that highlight their unique individuality in what they wear and in their home interiors. Fashion and interior design have the power to go beyond pure aesthetics and touch us on a much deeper psychological level to increase well-being and artistic freedom. Rita understands the powerful relationship between interior design and fashion. She uses her flair for haute couture designed interior creations to communicate the beauty of individual expression like a French couturier.
Rita has been the interior designer for some of the most breathtaking residential and commercial buildings in Miami and internationally. She developed the concept to combine haute couture design with interior design out of a desire to honor each unique space with the same attention to detail a couturier of fashion gives to clients. Her inspired spaces are the result of creatively born out of the dynamic world of fashion. Rita and her team have combined forces with some of the best-known players in high fashion and furniture production to make every space sparkle as a showpiece of perfection, emphasizing a cohesive work of art.
Because Rita and her designers at International Designers have garnered respect from some of the best architects in Miami, she is often asked to bring her unique vision to make the interiors of a project come alive. She has designed some of the interiors of big houses in prestigious neighborhoods in Miami with the concept of combining interior design with fashion design that results in breathtaking outcomes. One of her novel ideas was to design a unique Miami home with each room infused with the designs of a renowned haute couture designer. In this manner, Rita and her team were able to offer an astonishing sense of discovery that allowed one to see the beauty and luxury of different fashion designers from room to room. Each space stood apart and rightfully took center stage as if becoming humanized and catwalk ready, bathed in haute couture magic and style. Every interior space offered something special and mesmerizing, opening up the door to imagination and the power of fashion.
Rita has incorporated the designs of Christian Lacroix to make a home breathe timeless elegance in a celebration of fashion. She has found inspiration in the designs of Jean Paul Gaultier, who is playfully known as fashion’s “enfant terrible” for his ability to celebrate nonconformity and to veer away from rules while evolving outside of boundaries. In a way that fits perfectly with the sparkling colors of Miami, Kenzo’s designs featuring the beautiful prints and styles of his homeland, Japan, have adorned a contemporary house in Florida, exclusively designed by International Designers. To unite the best of creativity and elegance in fashion design and interior design, Rita selects the finest brands and designers, like Hermes, strongly rooted in the tradition of luxury.
Rita’s interior designs are not only about making iconic statements but also about giving people the opportunity for self-expression in their homes. For clients who might be stuck on how they would like their home interiors to be designed, a look inside their closet may help inspire choices from prints and patterns to favorite colors, textures, and embellishments. Understanding one’s lifestyle and fashion choices can give helpful insight into a personalized way to see a person’s interiors spaces evolve from blank canvases into livable custom jewels of creation. It’s not hard to believe that what a person feels excellent wearing will also make them feel great living in for their home spaces.

For Miami’s attention-worthy homes of opulence, finding the perfect fashion designer to sign her interior designs can be the ticket to unlocking a space’s potential in the spirit of inventiveness and glamour. Drawing inspiration from haute couture means that Rita’s designed home interiors are unique and aren’t recreations of what has already been done. Rita and her design team select the most beautiful fabrics, light sources, furniture, and interior décor signed by some of the best fashion designers of our time

Rita’s artistic collaboration with architects, designers, and the furniture brand, Roche Bobois—a world leader in furniture design–make her interior design ideas a breath of fresh air for house design and beyond. All pieces are curated, customized, and work toward the higher goal and vision of a space. As the relationship between fashion and interior design continues to evolve, Rita remains of the forefront of ways to embrace this symbiotic relationship to give her clients dream home ideas that will never be out of style. She encourages others to express themselves through their interior spaces, and suggests embracing haute couture as a way to do so. International Designers are allowing clients to indulge in a dream lifestyle offered by the gifts of haute couture living.

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