Interior design is both an art-focused and technical field. The inspiration behind the designs can be found almost anywhere. While it is helpful to have some idea of the story you want your interiors to tell, how you want to use your space, which areas are most important to you, and what are your sources of inspiration, you may be unsure where to begin. You might soon find yourself Googling “interior designers near me,” as you embark upon your new interior design project. It is well worth it to elicit help from an interior design professional, like Rita Chraibi of International Designers. She is skilled at guiding her clients through the process with expert advice, a keen eye for how to optimize spaces, and patience–which is vital when you feel like you might be searching in the dark for how to go about transforming your rooms. Rita Chraibi’s team of Miami designers have international experience helping their diverse clientele translate their wants and needs into their uniquely designed spaces.

Once you begin your search for sources of inspiration, you will soon discover that inspiration can be found in the ordinary or the extraordinary, which may consist of simple everyday moments, a single memory, or tremendous life-changing experiences. Any source of inspiration can be the impetus for a beautifully designed and optimally functional room. You may start by asking yourself what brings you joy and makes you feel good? What is important to you? What are some of your fondest memories? These questions may not be easy to answer at first, if they aren’t on the forefront of your mind, and may even require some introspection as to what makes you tick. For example, do you have a special collection? What do you like to wear? What have you noticed that evokes strong emotions within you?

In addition to her passion for interior design, Rita Chraibi is also passionate about the beauty of music. As a classically trained pianist, Rita finds comfort and power in playing the piano and composing music of her own. She consistently works on her design plans while listening to or playing music, and with each note that dances off her piano, she can further tap into her well of creativity. Music is a source of inspiration for many people and can be used to propel a design plan forward. For example, do you want to recreate the feeling that classical music gives you in your living room interior design while expressing the feeling of jazz in your kitchen interior design? These are all possibilities in your personally designed interior spaces.

Another place you may find inspiration is in your wardrobe. Notice the colors you tend to wear and how they make you feel. Pay attention to your particular style and how it allows you to express yourself. What we wear not only serves as a way to express our unique individuality, but our clothing choices can also assist in our options for interior design. Rita Chraibi has created spaces that combine interior design with fashion design. Rita’s breathtaking projects in south Florida and beyond showcase some of the most renowned haute couture designers and artists in the luxury fashion world. She has worked with developers and architects in the sunny state to enhance distinctive Miami Beach architecture by crafting interiors inspired by fashion designers and visionaries with careful consideration. By intertwining fashion and interior design, Rita can create spaces that honor the individual(s) behind the vision—that is her clients. Rita has incorporated the non-conformist style of Jean Paul Gaultier, who prides himself on pushing boundaries, the gorgeous traditional Japanese-inspired designs of Kenzo, the elegant work of Christian Lacroix—a designer known to pay tribute to l’arte de vivre, and also Missoni, whose designs are a playful combination of colors and patterns, among many others. No matter what a client is looking for, Rita can deliver lifestyle experiences when fashion and interior design intermingle to evolve a space.

Inspiration can also be found in simple everyday objects. Perhaps you have a collection that brings you great joy– it might consist of vintage artwork that could be incorporated into a modern living room design to add a bit of surprise. Antiques, family heirlooms, and memories of traveling abroad can also spark great interior design ideas. Maybe a trip to France spurs the concept of going about your home design with French-style interiors in your luxury room decor. Looking through an old photo album at things, people, and places that make you feel nostalgic can be of great benefit when trying to decide in which direction to go with your home interiors. If you stumble across a picture of your grandparents’ farm and warm, happy feelings rise inside of you, you may have found a place or style to start within your interiors. The opportunity to create a farmhouse interior look within your own home may bring you back to fond memories over and over again.

Another idea is to reconnect with nature. Rita Chraibi, who serves as an interior designer in Miami Beach and beyond, has plenty of ideas for how to accomplish such a goal. You may feel compelled to recreate the feeling of being on the beach without even leaving your living room by maximizing wide-open spaces and airy design elements. Or perhaps you want a perfect view of nature from the inside. There are endless possibilities when it comes to natural and organic materials–stone, cotton, wool, and wood can offer both rustic and modern appeal to interiors. In our technologically obsessed society, it’s refreshing to get back to our roots of simpler times, and a reconnection with the natural world offers just the ticket.

Wherever you find inspiration, International Designers, led by Rita Chraibi, are more than adept at designing interiors that speak to you on a deeper level. Remember that your home interiors should allow you to experience the joy of everyday living, honor family life, and help you to live better overall. A well-designed space is a reflection of who you are, so don’t be afraid to embrace a little bit of experimentation and push boundaries.

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