“L’Art de Vivre” is a French phrase that translates to the art of living and emphasizes the appreciation of everyday experiences. For example, eating a meal is not just to fuel the body and should not be an action to be rushed through. It’s much more of an immersed experience in which the senses all play a role, and food is cooked to serve as not only nourishment for the body, but also as enjoyment centered around good conversation and the notes and flavors that can all be so pleasurable. It would make sense that interior design should reflect a meticulous attention to details that foster a deep appreciation for the art of living and the art of living well. Rita Chraibi, the founder of International Designers, relies upon her wide range of artistic expertise, understanding of French culture, and extensive background in design to help her clients get a taste of “L’Art de Vivre” when creating their beautiful luxury house, apartment, or building.

The French’s approach to luxury is seen stateside in more ways than just delicious cuisine, fine wine, and major fashion designers. French luxury is also evidenced in South Florida real estate, where Rita and her team design Miami homes with luxury interiors that pay respect to the craft and artistry of French luxe. There is something about the French way of making things look so effortlessly chic that is quite appealing, especially when it comes to creating a well-designed and practical home interior.

A well-planned interior design, like the ones International Designers are experts at bringing to life, can communicate the depth of a room, as it evolves from the planning stages into the blossoming masterpiece it becomes. The designers achieve this by exploring many different possibilities, including strategies many French interior designers use when decorating homes.
Just as a good book has an enjoyable rhythm and flows from words to pages to chapters, so too must a pleasing luxury interior design. One possibility for creating an illustrious and inviting home space is to consider bringing in pieces from the past. France is a country with a rich and exciting history and incorporating historical pieces into a room can give it more layers and an aura of mystery. The search for the perfect antique may be on the design plan. Antiques can arouse curiosity regarding the story behind one-of-a-kind pieces and make one feel nostalgic for the past.

Appreciating history within a room might also be reflected through the incorporation of pieces from one’s personal past to pay homage to an individual’s story. A rug obtained from a trip to an exotic destination, a picture of a family vacation, or a decorated candle with a scent evoking memories of the past can all play a part in creating a room that celebrates life.

Additionally, a French-style interior design may combine the past with the present, as a historical painting might be tastefully hung next to a sleek, modern style light fixture. Another design technique to keep things interesting is to play off of juxtaposition as a luxuriously ornate and detailed French Rococo style console table might be placed with great purpose in a room next to furniture displaying simpler, minimalist design elements. It’s these contrasts that enable a room to feel fresh and exciting without being overbearing or overwhelmed by a particular stylistic approach. Rita and her team at International Designers understand the importance of diversification when they are planning out a custom design for their clients, which can give birth to rooms that are uncommon and bear the interiors designer’s exclusive signature touches.

Additionally, avant-garde art may be a key ingredient in spicing up a room in the manner of French style home décor. By definition, avant-garde art comes about as a result of experimentation and favoring new and unusual ideas. Many avant-garde art movements and artists were born out of France, like Henri Matisse, Gustave Courbet, and Pablo Picasso, who wasn’t French but spent much of his life in France. All of these artists were considered cutting-edge when they first became known in the art scene. However, lesser-known and emerging avant-garde artists can also be a great source of inspiration for an interior design plan. Consider an exceptional piece of artwork– not only one that looks nice in a particular room because of the content it explores, colors, and appropriate size for space– but one that may also serve as a conversational piece. People’s attention may be directed toward an avant-garde piece of artwork as they want to know more about it, as well as the intention behind it, therefore, leading to a greater appreciation for art that may push boundaries. Such compositions can serve as elements of surprise in a particular room.

French women are often regarded as classy and stylish without too much fuss. The same goes for French interior design ideas. A room can be beautiful without being overly done and filled to the brim with meaningless decorations. Perhaps a few eye-catching pieces reflecting different textures are tastefully displayed in a luxury living room without sending the senses into overdrive. Another reason why French interior design looks so effortlessly beautiful is because of how every piece and element of a place is designed with functionality in mind. A French luxury interior design considers what will make for a comfortable room that will also allow for ease of movement. You may notice multi-purpose pieces of furniture. For example, to free up space, maybe an opulent sofa also doubles as storage with pull-out drawers underneath hidden out of sight.

No matter what look a client is going for–whether it’s an apparent French style décor that’s in mind, or something entirely different, Rita and her skilled interior designers use their imagination and knowledge of different stylistic approaches to ensure every room reaches its highest potential. International Designers are giving their customers a taste of what it’s like to embrace L’art de Vivre, as a way of living with purpose and pleasure that makes every day so much more enjoyable!

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