There are many architectural styles present in Miami’s flourishing real estate market. The Mediterranean Revival-style homes boast thick stucco walls, red tile roofs, and arched windows. Mediterranean Revival architecture, often featuring eye-catching foyers, are scattered throughout Miami Shores, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and surrounding neighborhoods.

A car or bike ride over McArthur Boulevard and Venetian Causeway will land you right in the heart of Miami Beach. Miami Beach isn’t only known as a world-renown location for spring breakers looking to party at the famous beaches and clubs. It’s also a hub for the Art Deco architectural style. The Art Deco style, often referred to in Miami as Tropical Deco, is associated with geometric shapes and a palette of bright colors. The Art Deco style was trendy in the 1920s and 1930s, but Miami’s unique tropical take has made it a hot spot for fashion photographers and architect enthusiasts.

The luxury real estate market in Miami is showcasing another style in the spotlight front and center: modern. Modern style homes are in high demand as luxury real estate developers focus on the creation of beautifully simplistic residential and commercial buildings. While people may be able to spot a modern style building when they see it, they may be unaware that modern and contemporary are not interchangeable. While contemporary refers to the present time, modern is a style with distinct features spawning out of technological and engineering advances. Contemporary styles may incorporate modern pieces, but contemporary will change and evolve to reflect whatever is in vogue during a specific time.

To better understand what modern style is all about, it’s important to note that modernism is a shift away from the ornate and overly decorated looks that came before it. It came out of a movement of forward-thinking architects and artists who shunned the elaborate and excessively decorated environments and artwork of prior movements. They held a desire to cut out the “extra” and reduce shapes down to their most basic forms.

Modern styles feature clean lines with an appreciation for minimalism. Geometric forms are essential when designing modern architecture. Modern styling and architecture also use different materials than traditional plaster. Another aspect of modern homes is the open, roomy spaces with an emphasis on functionality.

Rita Chraibi of International Designers has been assisting clients who wish to decorate the inside of their modern style luxury home in a way that remains consistent with the outside architecture. She has a sharp eye for finding and creating interior home décor that complements the very unique, minimalist style that has become so popular in Miami. International Designers offers a further breakdown of what makes modern design so uniquely alluring, leading to many requests from clients who desire this look in their homes and buildings.

In a consumerist society, it’s easy to get sucked into the idea that “more is better.” However, modern design takes the opposite approach reflecting “less is more.” When it comes to modern design, it’s thought that function comes first, followed by form. A modern living room may have furniture with clean, simple lines. For example, a sofa or set of living room chairs may feature sharp horizontal lines with very little decoration.

Maintaining Open Spaces and Natural Light
When Rita and the interior designers at International Design are creating a modern style home for their clients, they are careful to respect the open floor plans characteristic of such architecture. As professional luxury designers, utilizing natural light to highlight the large airy spaces and grand windows is a priority. Luckily, in a place like Miami, there is always plenty of sunshine to let in. An integral part of maintaining the feel of large, open spaces is to ensure clutter doesn’t take over. The designers may suggest a few signature pieces to keep things interesting, but going back to the concept of “less is more,” they are mindful not to overdo it. Because of the association between clutter and feelings of overwhelm, stress, and suffocation, the clutter-free airy spaces often evoke feelings of calm, well-being, and freedom.

Neutral Colors with a Pop
Modern style interior designs often implement neutral and primary colors. The walls of a room may be a neutral gray, beige, or ivory with a blast of yellow accent pieces. Red, blue, black, and white are other colors that might make appearances in artwork, rugs, and parts of furniture. The contrast between muted colors alongside vibrant or saturated shades ensures that there’s not too much of one color in a well-designed environment.

Unique Materials
Another aspect of modern style architecture and interior design is the materials used. Because the Industrial Revolution made various new building materials readily available, many textures and elements used in this style reflect the technological advancements and functionality of the Industrial Age. Glass, steel, chrome, copper, and aluminum offer many possibilities for furniture ideas, accent walls, and accessories. The textures incorporated into the modern design are usually smooth, sleek, and shiny. For example, marble has become a popular way to enhance the luxurious appeal of a home or building. Natural materials and designs, like bamboo, reclaimed wood, and a simple floral print can serve as refreshing points of interest with contrasting textured layering.

Unlikely Decorations
Because modernism emphasizes the importance of functionality and simplicity, decorations may be used sparingly, but with a high level of intentionality. Modern style home décor can be found in unlikely places. For example, the chrome-colored hinges on a piece of furniture may be purposefully exposed and highlighted. Exposed brick, abstract art, and articles featuring geometric shapes often accentuate the space of a modern style room.
Modern style interior design offers clients a literal breath of fresh air as they can enjoy an abundance of space in which to live and work. The interior designers at International Designers, led by Rita Chraibi, are masters of creating these signature modern looks that have become increasingly popular in Miami, Florida and abroad. While modern style interior design emphasizes minimalism, it certainly isn’t dull. It offers an element of a seamless transition—a pleasant flow of details on the outside modern architecture, to inside interior design. It’s has withstood the test of time, almost guaranteeing it won’t be out of style any time soon.

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