One of the many wonderful things about home interior design is that interior design ideas can be found almost anywhere and from all corners of the globe. Rita Chraibi’s interior design company, International Designers, set themselves apart from other design firms because of her design team’s diverse, multicultural backgrounds and understanding of how to enhance, refresh, and conceptualize a space through global inspired looks. Rita was born in Morocco and went to school in France, affording her the opportunities to study and develop knowledge of the various home décor ideas present in different countries. However, her well of interior design ideas runs even deeper than decorating techniques—she understands where and how inspiration can be drawn from different country’s specialties and cultures to achieve a refined balance between design elements to draw people in to a room. Rita Chraibi and her interior designers offer their clients boundless possibilities for home interiors that are reflective of a specific country, region, or a fusion between multiple.

One example of International Designers’ ability to bring globally inspired ideas to their projects is their attention to what’s available on the luxury goods market from all over the world. Italian furniture has the reputation of being some of the most exquisite pieces readily available and customizable, making it a significant exporter of the highest quality furniture items, such as beds, chairs, sofas, tables, and desks. Just as Italy is a hub for luxury fashion, it’s no different when it comes to this country’s furniture creations that are also held in the utmost regard. Italian designs are often the result of joining the past with the present as classic and modern styles may blend together in awe-inspiring furniture creations. When Rita Chraibi is looking for the perfect piece of furniture to fit with her vision for a space, Italian furniture can offer her clients pieces that are eye-catching, interesting, and exotic. From pieces that feature an appreciation of modernism, like a chic steel swivel chair, to luxurious marble paneling on a coffee table, Italian furniture presents clients with the perfect blend of color, finish, and materials to take a room to the height of style. Many clients welcome the opportunity to put a piece of furniture from the Bel Paese (beautiful country) inside their homes.

Sitting at the top of Africa is Morocco, a country known for its delicious mint tea, natural beauty (mountains, desert, and azure beaches), fascinating medinas, and extraordinary handicrafts. Moroccan hand-crafted goods can add delicate charm to any interior design plan. Rita Chraibi has scoured Morocco in search of the best handmade tiles, lights, and curtains and formed connections with some of the best Moroccan manufactures in the business. Handmade Moroccan tiles can bring a splash of color and interesting patterns and shapes to a wall, backsplash, or floor and are embraced by many clients for their versatility. Additionally, Moroccan light fixtures have the ability to transform an interior while offering softer accent lighting than other harsher options. Moroccan lamps incorporate beautiful designs, colors, and durable materials to fit seamlessly with any style, like bronze ceiling pendant fixtures and sparkling gem colored table lamps to create the perfect ambiance. Handmade Moroccan curtains can upgrade the interiors of a room in a style of tasteful elegance that isn’t overwhelming. Rita chooses the finest linen shades and fabrics, often featuring silk stitching for her clients.

Scandinavia includes the countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, and this region of the globe has piqued the interest of designers looking to emulate interior design trends that display minimalist beauty while emphasizing a feeling of cozy comfort. Scandinavian interior design earned much attention in the 1950s when modern styles were making their mark in American interior designs. Rita’s talent for drawing upon Scandinavian-inspired design elements lies in her ability to create airy spaces, incorporate bright colors, and keep a room open to promote movement. The Scandinavians are also fans of bringing bits of nature into their homes as wood is a popular choice of material, and plants are often showcased alongside other design details. Much of the appeal of Scandinavian design is due to the feeling this specific design style evokes. When people step into a room designed with Scandinavian inspiration in mind, they may feel a sense of peace and calm as a result of bright colors, clutter-free spaces, appreciation for nature, and contrasting textures.

Europe is not the only continent recognized for specialized approaches to interior design. Japan, one of the top ten most populous cities in Asia, is known for its traditional arts, sushi, and unique interior design styles. Japanese design and culture value Zen atmospheres, which are reflected through balance and harmony. Like Scandinavian interior design, Japanese interior design also demonstrates a profound appreciation of nature and connection to natural beauty, with an emphasis on open, uncluttered spaces. Wood and bamboo are commonly used materials in Japanese interiors, as are pieces that feature flowing water to offer the calming sound of trickling water. Japanese inspired interior design ideas for a living room highlight clean, simple lines, lots of natural light, modern furniture that’s usually low to the ground and stripped of anything considered extra or unnecessary, and sliding doors. International Designers skillfully weave together elements of Japanese interior design to promote peace, relaxation, and a retreat from the business of everyday life.

International Designers’ have the talented ability to make a home interior resplendent from top to bottom. There may be multiple interior design companies in Miami, but International Designers have a proven track record of creating rooms that break the mold by designing spaces that tastefully blend together styles from all over the globe. Miami is a cultural melting pot represented by people from near and far, and International Designers value such diversity in their interior design concepts, giving their clients distinctively designed spaces they will treasure forever.

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