While we all routinely spend a considerable amount of time in our bathrooms, they aren’t always the first places that come to mind for many people when thinking about reinventing interior spaces. It’s essential not to overlook these rooms and necessary to ensure your interior design plan makes the most of these functional spaces. There are many ways to beautify these spaces and turn them into an oasis of relaxation reminiscent of a spa experience. Rita Chraibi, president of International Designers, offers some ideas and considerations to refresh, reinvent, and optimize these important rooms inside our homes and business buildings. It might be just the time for a much-needed bathroom makeover!

One of the most significant considerations when it comes to bathrooms is the source of light and how much natural light reaches the space. Bathroom lighting should be used to create a mood or tone while also illuminating the area well enough to allow for performing daily functions. Even the smallest bathroom spaces can reap great benefits from the right lighting, transforming it into a luxurious retreat from stress. Light can be layered and used to illuminate specific areas by casting a glow on personal grooming areas, like showers and bathroom vanities. Accent lighting can be utilized to dress up particular areas, such as above a bathtub. By doing so, one can enjoy bathing in an elegant glow while simultaneously taking a relaxing bath. Ambient light should be layered with different types of lighting—task lighting and accent lighting to give visual interest to bathroom spaces. As with all areas, natural lighting is best, but ensuring enough sunlight reaches inside without compromising privacy may be a concern. Exploring window treatments and sheers may offer the best of both worlds—that is, letting in enough light while still feeling private and secure. There are many delicate and beautiful options that a knowledgeable interior designer, like Rita Chraibi, can walk you through.

Mirrors aren’t just essential for allowing us to see ourselves while getting ready for the day; they can also be used in strategic ways to make a bathroom appear larger. Because mirrors reflect light, they are useful for opening up spaces. Wall-to-wall mirrors can enlarge an area and become an inherent part of the bathroom. Avoid mirrors that are too short if you’re looking to maximize your bathroom spaces. Additionally, mirrors can serve as lovely pieces of bathroom décor. You can find an abundance of options in terms of shapes and frames to make your bathroom spaces appear more modern and glamorous. Selecting materials to frame your bathroom mirrors can fit any style preference, including marble, wood and chrome.

Another way to transform bathroom interiors is to think about different options for storage. The best storage can neatly hide away items to eliminate any clutter while also providing beautiful visual interest through the use of different materials and textures. Bathroom cabinets can be built into walls and integrate lighting to maximize space. When designing for awkward and challenging areas, floating shelves can be custom made to fit even the trickiest places. Putting shelves under the sink will make items easy to grab for personal grooming while keeping bathroom spaces airy and open. Baskets (cloth, wicker, and metal) can also be an easy and stylish way to store items while contributing to a more rustic bathroom style. Another trick is to look for multipurpose items. For example, a mirror with built-in shelving can address multiple needs for bathroom spaces. When deciding on storage for your bathrooms, it’s necessary to consult with your interior designer as to how you use your spaces. Perhaps you might find it more useful to put built in shelves above the bathtub instead of over the toilet (or maybe there’s a need for storage in both areas). Even thinking about storage solutions inside the shower may be a small thing that makes a huge difference.

To make your bathrooms truly feel like paradise, think about bringing nature indoors. You can go as big as an indoor garden with a sectioned off area for bigger bathrooms or as simple as incorporating hanging plants and arranging botanicals on the counters and floors. Planters can be installed into vanities and countertops to make your bathroom spaces come alive. Rocks, stones, and sand can be placed around the tub to make you feel like you are basking in nature from the privacy of your home. Nature will not only make your bathroom spaces soothing and comforting but will also surround you with a level of beauty that cannot be recreated by humanmade items and materials. Bamboo, orchids, gardenias, and ferns are just a few of the plants that can thrive in a bathroom’s light, humidity, and changing temperature.

Art can add so much to all interior spaces, including bathrooms. If you’re looking for a way to update your bathrooms to reflect your individuality, transforming a regular bathroom into a bathroom gallery can do just that! Search for unique pieces of art to hang on the walls (you can create a gallery wall to display all your favorites), add in statuettes, or playoff existing pieces, like your bathtub. An ordinary tub can be turned into an eye-catching creation with gold accent pieces on the spout and levers. Or you can replace your old bathtub entirely and opt for one that becomes an artistic focal point. A clawfoot tub will speak to vintage enthusiasts, while rectangular and canopy tubs can help achieve a more modern bathroom look. Atypical shapes and materials that veer away from traditional porcelain (e.g., tubs with wooden bases) can serve as artistic statement pieces while allowing you to get lost in a spa experience.

Don’t forget the smaller details! Gorgeous candles, luxurious towels, and swapping out old canisters and dispensers for new ones are seemingly little details that can make a world of difference when tying a bathroom look together. You may not want to redo all of your tiling but adding in mosaic tiles can freshen up your bathroom spaces. Be sure not to neglect your sense of smell; add in some aromatherapy to help you destress after a long day.

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