Interior design is a field that involves great artistic creativity. Art has an essential place in interior design by breathing life into spaces with a stroke of authenticity. Art can make us think and feel by penetrating below the surface and reaching us at our core levels. It can make us wonder what it really means to be human while bringing people from different walks of life together. Art will always have a place in interior design. Rita Chraibi says it best: “I think art is the best way to understand the world where we live. Art is directly related to our job as an interior designer, and I that an interior also reflects the beauty of art. The art gives to interior design a kind of truth and authenticity.”

As an artist, first and foremost, Rita uses art to explore and understand life while communicating her unique perspectives and experiences. Her sculptures express the beauty of femininity manifested with sensuous curves and variations in form. Her art also draws upon the element of surprise, contrasts, and the importance of caring for the most crucial foundation for all of life– the one that offers abundance, beauty, nourishment, and enough diversity to make every day a gift: Mother Nature. She does this through her selection of unusual materials, which she uses to convey her message. Rita selects eco-friendly pieces for her sculptures that are interesting as solitary pieces but are applied and integrated in a way that results in a cohesive, creative entity. Her sculptures can be symbols for the idea that humans may live out their own unique lives with different perspectives and experiences, but there is still a force that binds us together. While humans have varied backgrounds, art is a way to bring us together in celebration of what makes us a species capable of reflection, introspection, and higher-order thinking. We may view our lives as so wholly different from those around us, but in the end, the lifeforce of humanity leads to an interconnectedness that is the fabric of our home on Earth. This powerful connection is reflected through the use of art in interior design.

As a top designer in Miami, Rita’s appreciation for art as both an artist and a spectator shines through in her interior designs. Her designs put a spotlight on art as gifts to bring about wonder and a sense of discovery to those who enter her spaces. Through her interior spaces, people can discover different forms of art and new artists, but also an opportunity to contemplate various thoughts, concepts, and ideas. The artwork involved in Rita’s interior designs moves us, as spectators, on both sensory and emotional levels, while opening up the door to our own self-discovery. Art can stir us up inside and light a flame—a passion that opens our eyes to diversity, other people’s beliefs and perceptions, and even our personal inner workings that we may not have stopped to consider prior.

In terms of design details, art can be the surprise element that offers a pop of contrast through color and texture when placed against a wall or other surface. Art can be used to tie different design details together as a finishing element. Finding artwork for an interior design is about one’s tastes and preferences and also what art can do for the space. Art can offer visual weight, focal points, and create the tone of a room—perhaps by making it feel more intimate or exciting. The discovery of finding the right piece of art for your home or building can take you on a fascinating exploration in which you may encounter new styles, mediums, and artists to appreciate.

Art can turn condos, multi-family homes, and any other residential design into a gallery of interesting pieces, but it can also be used in commercial buildings. The power of art can help companies communicate their values, missions, and goals, as shown inside buildings and offices. Artwork can be the binding factor to design hotels and design restaurants that carve out an appreciated space within a community. Entering into a space and having art greet people, will not only be enjoyed and understood by art lovers but can also show how a company values investing in the artistic community while promoting the beauty of diversity. Art provides a bridge between businesses and the community. Companies may feature works of art in their interiors that were created by underrepresented communities in their local area. Businesses may also participate in collecting art or sponsoring art through programs or curation. With the right interior design touch, treasures of artwork can be displayed in ways that reach a broader audience. Studies have shown that in healing environments, art can increase patients’ sense of well-being by lowering stress and promoting feelings of calm and peace. In this case, it’s worth exploring the benefits of art in spaces that are visited daily, like homes and offices. Artistic interior design can help make this happen.

There are countless ways to incorporate art into interior design, and Rita Chraibi never ceases to do so in a way that fulfills a vision of elegance, style, and truth. As an internationally renowned interior designer, Rita continuously immerses herself in art. She explores the benefits art can add to spaces and how it can be used to make a unique design. She frequently visits art galleries to discover emerging artists and finds opportunities to incorporate artwork in various ways. She has organized many different mediums of art into her designs, including sculptures, paintings, photographs, portraits, and fashion. Her use of art brings about a coherence of details and elements into her work. Art offers so much to compositions. It can serve as the focal point of a room, provide diversity through colors and textures, and communicate tastes and styles. No matter how art is used to make a place come alive, any form can be adapted to fit each interior design and lifestyle.

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