Rita Chraibi is one of the best interior designer with several successful projects, with luxury interiors and innovative designaround the world. She brings to the United States her experience, her culture, her style and elegance making her interior design firms in Miami «International Designers » one of the best interior design firms. Luxury interiors home in Miami have been marked with the seal of the incomparable beauty and elegance of her style and design. As one of the top interior designers, Rita Chraibi launched her company in United States with several projects of luxury interior design and in interior decoration in Miami. She creates also several interior creative design and all her passion for interior design house come from her dedication for design.

As an interior designer in Miami, she collaborates with the famous architect Kobi Karp who is one of the best architect and one of the top interior designers firms in Miami. Kobi Karp has developed expertise in design over the last 20 years, working with a wide range of project types and design multifamily,design hotel and design condominium. His firm has been featured in miami luxury interior designers and renowned national and local publications based on their major contributions in the preservation of historical areas. Rita Chraibi is one of the top interior designers Miami and the amount of her creativity, her succesful design on interior styling and modern living has come out of as a renowned interior designers Miami in recent years and has motivated her to add her own expertise and perspective to the mix .

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