Miami is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. According to Lynch and Ward, in an article published in the South Florida Business Journal, it has a population of approximately 2.7 million residents and an excess gross product of $140 billion. Miami is a very vibrant city, and it presents a lot of opportunities for potential investors. One of the sectors in the state’s economy experiencing unusually rapid growth is the real estate sector: attracting renters and property buyers alike. A leading real estate professional, Santarelli projected an increase in the demand for family housing: single and multi-family homes. Also, hotels and private properties listed on Air BnB to serve the growing local and international travel and tourism industry. Miami offers jobs (World Cities Group groups it as an alpha city in terms of capital, cultural, and business activity). Along with the temperate and agreeable weather, its reputation for beautiful beaches that offer year-round accessibility to the ocean as well as a vast amount of beach-front real estate. These are only a few of the reasons why Miami is the fifth fastest-growing region of the United States, as well as the only part of Southern Florida with an actual increase in population.

Because of the on-going boom in demand, many architects and interior designers have found great success in the Miami area. Chief amongst them is Rita Chraibi, who has decided to expand her international renown to the United States. Real estate clients are looking for properties with a tastefully designed exterior and interior. Indeed, when clients are looking for furnished properties, they often have a very keen eye for detail. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that the real estate and property sector meets the expectations of the ever-discerning client. Thanks to her training in various types of interior design, Rita can offer quality and variety that is unparalleled. She has an incredible sense of detailed observation that will far exceed the average customer. She has worked her whole life in places, not unlike Miami in geographical and cultural terms. Alongside her are some of the most talented professionals with varying geographical roots that all contribute a valuable amalgamation of experience.

To expand upon her company’s already potent range of expertise, she has formed a collaboration with the well-established Kobi Karp, one of the most prestigious architects of our time. Kobi Karp has worked not only in Miami but also in the Caribbean and the Middle East. Rita brings with her a portfolio of notable projects in North Africa as well as Europe. Together, they collaborate to offer the Miami clientele an incredible array of perspectives and experiences in the field of interior and exterior design.

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