It’s no secret that when it comes to interior design and general décor, the French have managed to create artistry that is hard to find anywhere else. They incorporate bold and avant-garde designs while maintaining tried and true principles and concepts. Adhering to these forms gives them the freedom to explore and experiment. French décor is timeless; it has a respect for the past while at the same time embracing the future. As Yves Saint-Laurent, a renowned French designer, once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” As someone who grew up surrounded by French architecture and décor, Rita Chraibi has made it her mission to turn her company, International Designers LLC, into a reflection of her style of beauty and elegance. Working overseas in Europe and the Middle East, she has acquired a near-mastery in many different forms, amongst these being the grand French style of decor. She has come to understand it as more than merely choosing the right fabrics and colors: it is the awareness of space and an eye for detail that makes the real difference. This attention to detail is quite literally synonymous with French home décor. No matter the fabric choice, color scheme, or furniture placement, there has been thought and purpose behind it. Nothing is unintentional or accidental; everything serves to tell a more in-depth story and come together to help the whole interior. It is also essential to think of the space beyond its walls and floor: details such as the ceiling are as crucial as any other surface. Will a chandelier give the room the centerpiece it needs, or will it only detract from what’s already there? After the place has been completely furnished, does it breathe? All of these are questions that an experienced designer must ask themselves when delving into the world French décor. Rita has designed spaces from the largest luxury hotels to the most constricted apartments, and she has found the same concepts can be applied to any interior, no matter how luxurious it may or may not be.

At its core, French-style designs are all about balance: juxtaposing traditional with contemporary such as baroque stylings with something clean and modern. If there is a recipe for decorating a house, both interior and exterior, the French Rita Chraibi, has developed methods to appeal to any palate. Decorating a space is about finding simplicity in the extravagant, highlighting the architecture while enhancing it with crucial elements. With this in mind, Rita will take a simple interior and turn it into a real work of art. She allows the space to live in its full potential while adding the décor she feels will bolster and complement what is already there. She works with space, not against it. When keeping these concepts of necessity and economy in mind, you realize that modern French décor is accessible to anyone, no matter the budget. It’s not always about creating designs that look like they’ve come straight out of Versailles; French décor is more of a philosophy than a strict list of acceptable and expensive materials and pieces. The ability to introduce elements of antiquity and modernity and utilize what you have in the most tasteful way possible is the essence that has transcended the trial of time. It’s about seeing a thing as an artist would. Rita uses space as though it were a canvas and paints on precisely what is needed. The result is a fully realized painting that is cohesive and full of details that add to the overall product. Rita’s biggest asset is her ability to discern what space needs to flourish to its full potential. Allowing her to wield the art of French home décor so that it never crosses the line into drab extravagance. There are small steps that any homeowner can take to add some elements of the classic French style décor to any modern space. Finding the necessity in each piece of furniture in an area, keeping an awareness of the three-dimensionality of an interior, having a matching but not overly loud color scheme: these are doable tasks to give any home a sharper, more distinct feel. Of course, if one wishes to go any further into authentic French décor, it is then necessary to involve a master of the craft, such as Rita Chraibi and her team at International Designers LLC.

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