Modern Gothic House Interior Design Ideas

Published on January 17th 2023 – Author

The gothic style dates back to the peak of the medieval period; it saw a revival in the Victorian era and is trending in current interior decoration. Gothic architecture is characterized by features such as pointed arches, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, and an emphasis on verticality. Many of the most famous examples of this are cathedrals and churches.

Gothic architecture is characterized by the use of elegant and complex craftsmanship both inside and outside the structure. In addition, the intricate detailing and emphasis on sculptures have given the Gothic style house interior a macabre reputation in the popular imagination.

Gothic Houses Interior Ideas

Modern gothic interior design isn’t just for large houses or cathedrals anymore, thanks to the comeback of Gothic interior architecture with a modern twist. In modern gothic houses, interior can be charming and luxurious; it is impressive and peculiar. With a few modifications, it may also be used in smaller areas without making it feel like a coffin.

These modern gothic home design ideas will help you add a touch of the Victorian era into your home:

1. Deep Dark Colors

Even though gothic design mainly relies on deep dark colors, you shouldn’t simply paint your walls black or gray. Using black and dark accents, it is still possible to achieve the gothic design you desire. Adding dark drapes or a few dark ornaments to a room will give it the desired appearance while allowing light to enter the area.

The addition of dark wood flooring to a space can provide a touch of gothic design without over-decorating it black. The wood should ideally have a slightly rustic appearance and not be too polished. You can also add rugs with traditional patterns to compliment the Middle Ages vibe.

2. Gothic Walls

Gothic interiors demand patterned wallpaper,  dado rails, and wooden wainscoting. However, it is advisable to avoid completely dark walls; try painting a dado rail or only add wallpaper to the feature wall, preferably a damask.

You can also use wood panels to have a medieval feel in your gothic-styled home; choose a dark wood and consider adding pointed arch patterns to the panels. Finally, to achieve an even more luxurious feel to your wall, hang large artwork from the ceiling all the way down to the floor, as the French have traditionally done.

A gothic style home exterior view.

3. Good Lighting

Even if you’re a huge fan of gothic design, a home decorated in that style can be excessively gloomy if it doesn’t have enough windows to let in natural light. If the room is overly dim, it will be difficult to see the decorations and other details.

The lighting should be gentle, warm, and indirect. An ornate chandelier suspended in the center of an area or above a table is perfect. Candle bulbs can help to achieve the gothic aesthetic you desire.

4. Proper Furniture

In gothic houses, interior walls and furniture should be treated similarly. There are essential components like wrought iron and carved wood. While wrought iron is not a particularly comfortable material, it may be used to create visually stunning pieces of furniture.

Meanwhile, the wood does not need to be black, but light wood will not fit the design aesthetic here. Often, the furniture would be made of solid, stained wood with ornate carvings.

Go Full Gothic

Modern gothic architecture can be achieved by incorporating designs and materials inspired by the Middle Ages. Think about how dramatic you want your modern gothic interior design to be. To go full gothic, use all of the dramatic elements covered in this article.

If the thought of complete gothic decor is too much, you may always only use a few elements to highlight your home’s interior. You can indeed make your home more seductive by using elements of the gothic style house interior.

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