5 Mid-Century Modern Home Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Mid-century modern is a design movement recognized worldwide that’s been popular since the 1940s, specifically after WW2. Its central concept is to visualize people’s optimism after the war. Fast forward to over 80 years, the design concept of the mid-century is still quite popular, albeit with some slight changes.

The design movement’s popularity is by no means questionable, as it is genuinely a top-notch style featuring simple, clean lines. It’s also known for giving birth to numerous well-designed decorations. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is one example of mid-century modern furniture that’s incredibly popular.

Though the decor themselves are unique, mid-century modern carries several similarities to other styles, like Scandinavian. As a result, it can be difficult to create a truly mid-century modern-style home.

In that case, these five mid-century modern home decor ideas should get you on track.

1. Look for Furniture Pieces With Tapered Legs

Tapered legs are perhaps the forefront and defining feature of mid-century modern decor. For your reference, tapering is the gradual thinning of a furniture piece’s legs as they get closer to the floor.

They create the visual impression that the furniture is floating or suspended in the air, as the legs become less visible the lower they get. Tapered legs can also make furniture pieces look incredibly light and less bulky, even if, in reality, they’re not. Despite the thin legs, they’re often more sturdy than other decors.

In addition, tapered legs are often round in shape, which creates an elegant look. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, one of the most popular decors from mid-century modern, follows this design style.

Though not all, tapered legs are generally set at an angle. 

While it’s the defining feature of mid-century modern decor, decor from other design movements would occasionally have this feature. Put simply, it’s popular even outside of the design style. It’s so popular, in fact, that people who aren’t a bit interested in mid-century modern will have decor with tapered legs.

2. Consider Installing a Statement Lighting Fixture

The main purpose of lighting is to provide illumination in an area.

Statement lighting, however, has another purpose, and that is to make a statement or become a focal point in a room. Examples of statement lighting fixtures are the Arco floor lamp and Sputnik chandelier.

Usually, to ensure a lighting fixture is a room’s focal point, you’d opt to make it as big as possible.

However, mid-century modern values function over form, not to mention it’s characterized by simple forms and clean lines. Therefore, large lighting fixtures like girandoles and regular chandeliers won’t work.

Instead, opt for simpler lighting fixtures.

3. Choose Decor Made of Natural Materials

Mid-century modern design has a heavy connection with natural textures.

That’s why many mid-century modern home decor consists of a variety of natural materials.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, for instance, are made of leather and plywood. If you want to create a mid-century modern home through your decor, you might want to choose decor made of these materials.

For your reference, natural materials include glass, marble, metal, and wood.

Though natural materials should be the primary material for mid-century modern home decor, know that you can also mix them with man-made materials. These include lucite, vinyl, fiberglass, and plastic.

4. Add a Couple of Indoor Plants

Another way to promote natural textures in your decor is to add indoor plants.

They are, after all, the most accurate representation of nature. Granted, houseplants are welcome in all interior design styles, but they’re particularly compatible with mid-century modern home decor.

Of course, since the style is all about minimalism and simplicity, refrain from getting too many plants.

5. Go for Decor That Features Geometric Shapes

Another characteristic of mid-century modern design is the prevalence of geometric shapes. Geometric shapes like squares, circles, and rectangles are particularly common in mid-century modern home decor.

The Saarinen Dining Table, for example, features a seemingly perfect circle, while the Wassily Chair consists solely of rectangles and squares. The same applies to mid-century modern artwork.

So, if you’re looking for suitable decor, go for those that clearly feature precise geometric shapes.

Parting Words

Mid-century modern has been popular since the 1940s, and it’s most likely going to remain in prevalence for the coming years. Unlike other design styles, it’s relatively easy to apply to your home as it’s all about simplicity and functionality. It should be even easier now that you have these ideas to refer to.

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